Zuhair Murad collection love!

000heey guys, whats upp? I’m back home for the next three weeks yaaay. but yeah that’s not the topic of the day, so anyway here is one of my crushes of this year! I don’t know if you guys ever heard of Zuhair Murad, he is a Lebanese fashion design and if I would describe he style I would place him in the same type of creation as Ellie Saab and we all know here how much I loooooove Ellie Saab design. So yeah this collection of Zuhair Murad is just damn amazing, I love every little details, I am a sucker for the color chosen black, white and gold are just amazing. I am also a big fan of the silhouette how the models vary from princess dresses to very fitting jumpsuits, and I major favorite is definitely the gold belts. Overall the collection is just amazing, I juts wish I had the money for it!
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000This is what I call procrastination at it’s finest, instead of working on my monday presentation or even my super long due essay I am doing nothing but being lazy, but hey good thing about it is I am posting on the blog, if I fail my academic life then I would still have my blog ahaha. Anyway this post is my wishlist at the moment, or if you want some items that I have been eying for years but are to expensive for me, like the Chanel bag, that is one of my must have designer bag, but hey I don’t have the money for it, nor am I a good saver, in fact I am really broke at the moment, too much concert and too much enthusiasms for sportswear shopping lead to my bank state right now, I wish I was only joking but no. mooving from my depressing financial state, above are all the item I wish I could own and that are on my top list to buy if let’s say I won a million pound by tomorrow, why not! Oh and yeah I have been spontaneous and reckless also, I am going to Ed Sheeran concert on monday -more on that and how it happens later, it is a story worth writing about or at least I like to beleive that- and yeah Drake and The Weeknd on wednesday busy busy week, oh and my spring break starts on the 28 so I am flying home next week, yaaay! anyway I think it is time for me to stop rambling, see you in my next post. loooove xx
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smoothies craving.

0Heey guys what’s upp, so the other day I was chilling in my room on tumblr, of course because it’s all I seem to do, and then i see a smoothie picture and I craved one so badly, but the perks of the student life and living alone, I don’t have a blender so what do I do of  course I order one on amazon obviously. And since it arrived all I seem to do is blend smoothie and juices, but I am not complaining, for once that I am craving something healthy. So here’s my favorite smoothie, all I used to make it was greek yogurt, plus frozen strawberries that I got from whole food and finally brown sugar and trust me on this one it taste heavenly.  1 2 3  5 6until next post, muuuch looooooove. Sara xxx
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university student.

Brace yourselves people for this post, this is my six month living away review and man do I have things to say. Okay so you mayor may not know that for my entire life I have lived in Casablanca, Morocco up until September 2013. After finally graduating from high school it was university time yaaay #joke me and my parent had different views on my future, their hoped that I would stay home and go through my student life right next to them, but in my mind it was like hell no, I need to get away. At first my choice was to go to the US – cliché I know- but for my father it was a firm no no no. He said that if I wanted to study abroad my choice would be Paris but the thing is I don’t like Paris that much, get away from all the stereotype where you think it’s the most beautiful city in the world because trust me it’s really not, racism is everywhere there. So sneaky little me I didn’t send any application to any French UNI let’s just not talk about my father reaction when I told him. My ultimate was England or nothing. And he couldn’t say no to that not after my brother graduated from a British university in London. So that is my background story to how I end up me freshly eighteen years old Sara in London on my own. UNI life well that is true when they say it’s a big a*s party all year long because everyday is all about drinking, I personally don’t drink that was my choice but in order to socialize you most of your time have to handle drunk people and chill with them that’s how you make friends. Overall I won’t say that living on my own is easy, far away from that I miss my parents and sibling and all my family a lot, but I know that if I had stayed back at home I would have hated every moment of it, you see I was in need of my liberty, make my own mistakes and learn from them. Make new friends that you would never ever have though you would be friends with, learning new cultures and not only the British one because you at some point Universities here are very much a multicultural society. So yeah big time, moving countries is really not easy when you have lived with mumy and dady for your entire life, but at then end of the day I would not change it for the world, I enjoy it I have learned so much about myself – like the fact that not matter what I spend too much money and always, always end up broke by the end of the month no matter how hard I try to save -. Another aspect of living in London is that the capital is a very expensive city, tube and trains cost soo much – and that’s the moment where you say thank you to the 16-25 rail card – so yeah, UNI life party everyday and cry whenever you think about your essay. Live fast, die young, be wild and have fun that summarize a university student lifestyle. So yeah that’s it for today, if you have any question leave it as a comment and I would gladly reply, have a good day guys I’m gonna go back crying about my two essays due next week, looove xx
Ps : thanks to Mathilde for suggesting this post. / ps 2 : I may do another post life this at the end of the year, review of one year.
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make up.

0hola chicas, today’s post is all about make up! this is definitely not my everyday make up routine I can never be bothered in the morning to do anything beside mascara and eyeliner, morning lecture are just hell trust me! so this is what I would do if I were to really do my make up, plus all of the product I used are my favorites, let’s get started!
1first thing first, I start by moisturizing my skin, as well as applying a lip balm to my lips. I will then apply my foundation with a brush and blend it to my skin, then it’s concealer time I would put it under my dark circle and any area where I would have a problem. and final step to the skin base is  powder  you don’t wanna shine like a crazy diamond through the day right!2neeext is bronzer try to give some color back the face because it’s winter time and I haven’t seen the sun in for forever. so yeah bronzer in a 3 shape motion (if you get what I mean). I would then apply my favorite blusher, putting some colors to the cheekbones and finally highlight everything! 3moving on to the eyes, what I like to do is first apply a skin tone base eye primer then use a shimmery white on my eye lid and put a matte brown through my crease and this is basically it for my eyeshadow part. the next part would be the ever so famous winged eyeliner, then I put on some mascara like 3 coat only on the top lashes after curling then with my eye lash curler. aaand that’s it for the eyes and would sometimes go back with concealer if needed. 4last and finals steps would be filling my eyebrows for some reason I do this last right be fore applying my bright mate red lipstick and the I am official dooone! 6So tell me what do you think of it, what is you type of everyday make up ? also tell me if you guys want to see any post, I will soon writte about my experience till now in University in England so stay tuned for that, until next time xxx
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shoe unboxing 2.

0if you follow my blog for a long time now you would have seen that already did this kind of post before, I usually would save it for the nicest shoes and this one is really is. I feel like saying hallelujah, I finally bought my self a pair of jeffrey campbell lita, I have been wanting to buy one pair for forever, I first though I would get the foxy model but hell it is freezing cold here in england and buying sandal type of heels I wouldn’t be able to wear them that often and knowing how these shoes cost that would be a total waste. anyhow i got my pair online from office and I absolutely love it! 4 5 6 7plot twist I ordered myself another pair of lita >>
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