0 2 1 4 3 Hey guys, long time no see! Well what can I say summer holiday. Thought I would share with you some snippet of my holiday picture. I went to Turkey a few days ago and though it was very hot it still was kind of nice to get away for a while. Also now I am packing my stuff again University is about to start again and I am getting ready to head back very soon, anyway this is a quick post -on my birthday yay- until the next one xoxo
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steve madden shoe haul/unboxing.

0 1 2 3 4It is official, I am a shopaholic when it comes to shoes (or anything else for that matter) I can not stop myself from buying all the time, and god forbid I do buy all the time so much that I still have shoes I have never worn! I am an impulsive buyer that cannot ever stop, and this haul again is a perfect example of it! If you ever talk to mom she will tell you I own waaay too many heels for this and the next lifetime but I can’t stop buying even more. I have always love the Zara kinda thing heel with the strap but those are such a pain when it comes to walking so when I saw these beige tone heels I was like these are coming home with me, even though I have a kinda similar pair from topshop oh well. The other sandals are more of a necessity because I forgot my summer sandals back in Londom. Anyway, My name is Sara and I am a compulsive buyer that cannot be stop, unless broke.
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essentials when going out.

01chanel lip gloss in crushed cherry – bobbi brown foundation stick – mac concealer studio finish – valentino valentina perfume – lancôme hypnôse mascara – bag fendi.
2 3Summer time means also party time, here are my going out party essentials. Aside from my id, credit card and money this is what I carry essentially in my bag. The lipstick/lipgloss that usualy changes depending on the shade that I wore on the day/night these are the basic I can not go out without. Foundation stick/concealer are essential for any touch up, mascara is a must have no matter what, and perfume is for those moments when you danced to much! And do not under no circumstances forget tissues because those are sometimes life savers and also gum, because they some in handy at any moment haha! Anyhow those are my essentials feel free to share what are yours xx
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your eyes betray what burns inside you // ootd

1 2 3 4top, topshop – flannel, urban outfitters – black jeans, missguided – heels, justfab – watch, michael kors.
oh look a small miracle just happened, an outfit post is up and I mean a really outfit post. It’s been such a long time since the last one mainly because I have no one to take the pictures for me, but hey better late than never. Okay you have to excuse the awkward poses it’s always weird to shoot pictures out in the public because you feel judge, or am I the only one. Anyway this outfit is heavily inspired by Kylie Jenner, I bought those heels because I loved hers and the flannel tied around the waist is one of her signature look!
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Sales haul, topshop & urban outfitters

01 2 3 4This year for the first time I braved the sale craziness and went in store, and oh boy how glad I am that I did. I have found some pretty good bargains although the only shops I went to were Topshop and Urban Outfitters but aren’t these two the most important anyway. I’ve found a lot of things that I had my eyes on for some time, anyway sales are always awesome if you are brave enough to go and fight your way through the stores and the long waiting time to try the clothes ahah. Oh I also made two cheeky purchase that were anything but cheap, but oh well what can I say, can’t stop shopping!
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mini haul!

0 1 2Okay this one is quickies, no matter I hate shopping at primark I always end up there and always end up buying way too much, and this time is no exception I went crazy on the accessories and two top and I even think that I am gonna go back and get a few more thing. Ps if you wanna keep up with my life update follow me on instagram @saraamar posting there everyday!
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this month love!

0 11. Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner – 2. Nyx soft matte lip cream monte carlo – 3. Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick In Dark Night Waterl – 4. Black choker necklace – 5. Chanel lipgloss – 6. Maybelline falsies mascara – 7. Dior watche.3452Okay so this post is quite the heavy picture kinda of post, honestly I never know what to say when it comes to favorites beside the fact that I love these product and that fact they are in my favorite already gives that away, so yeah here are the product I have been crazy about for the pact month but they are also essential in my daily life.
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kylie jenner style.

01If there one person style’s under the spotlight at the moment, it would definitely be Kylie Jenner. And I am joining the mainstream too, recently i have been inspired by her way to much, I am even thinking going blue with my hair ahah! Anyway if there is one reason why her style is so popular is probably how easy it is to recreate mixing laid back clothes and more sophisticated pieces, black, leather, flannel and combat boots are the basic needed in order to recreate her look. Here are some of my favorite candid outfit of her. Tell me through the comment what do you think of Kylie’s outfits? Do you like it or no?
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new babyy!


1234 Okay so this purchase was a big splurge for me, knowing that these cameras are not cheap, and their film is really expensive. With that said I am really happy that I purchased it! I always take pictures, on my iphone or my camera but I never get them developed they are always digital mode and I often forget about them but with a ‘polaroid’ camera you get your picture instantly no edit no nothing and that is pretty amazing! This purchase was made in order to be able to keep the memories, and with the summer coming I am really excited about it! The picture on the post was the first I have ever taken it was right after the delivery man handed me my parcel, I was like I need to try this, put on some lipstick and selfie, and honestly I was really excited when the picture came out, Yaaay!! I bought mine on amazon, I scrolled through all the website from Urban Outfitters to John Lewis, Amazon was of course the least expensive place to get with quick delivery. Do you have these kind of camera? What do you think about them?
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