lolitta. LDR

i should apologize for the lack of news but i’ve been pretty busy with school and exams, but here i am. i’ve filmed today a video but i’m still editing it so for the moment here my everyday make up style (:

starting with skin care routine here’s above all the product that i use and for sure that i love. they make my skin better and better. i would definitely recommend them!                          —visibly clear neutrogena ; — simple purifying cleansing lotion ; —simple soothing facial toner and —uriage l’eau démaquillante.

the time to move to foundation, have to say i don’t put on foundation everyday but when i do i either use one of these. i love the gosh foundation but when it comes to the bb cream i’m not so sure about it, i’m still trying it, i’ll let you know what i think about it in a review coming 😉                  —gosh x-ceptional wear foundation & —bb cream garnier

move on to the eye base, i use this paint pot from mac that i absolutely looooove! —paint pot rubenesque.

for the eye shadow i use this two from the naked 2 palette that i absolutely love with all my heart :o, i start with chopper then i blend with YDK, i use these two brushes from model own :

model own brushes.

then i apply mascara and then i add a eye liner line. yeep i do apply the mascara before the liner line i just find it easier this way dunno :3 —max factor masterpiece mascara & —gel liner maybelline. you should have a result like this :

last step, i contour with my nars blush. using a big brush —nars zen.

and theeen i’m done :D, tell me what do you think, i see you very soon ox


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