sara smiles – p!atd

hey guys i’m back finally yaay, all exams are over now and guess what it’s summer time wooo! now let’s just keep our finger crossed so the results of the exams would be good. but anyway here i am with a new post and guess what with Sofia we made a video huh it’s only an ootd but that’s better than nothing lol. i’m wearing a simple outfit that i’m in love with, the shirt is from new look, short primark and then basic converse and it’s pretty done see you laterzz bby xxx huh

   me and my weird pose such a great love story!


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keep the positive attitude. fashion & beauty blogger!
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2 Responses to sara smiles – p!atd

  1. Sharon says:

    Encore une belle tenue. Je ne suis pas ton blog depuis longtemps, mais je n’t’ai jamais vu autant sourir ! 😀

    • runawaybabe says:

      hihihi c’est vrai que je ne souri pas bcp dans les photos mais la c’est les vacances, sa me donne une énorme raison de sourie, et merci de passer souvent sur le blog ❤

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