skin care post.

skin careas i recently went to the dermatologist wanted to share with you the new skin care that she prescribed me, i’m still trying it. they say give it two month to see any “real” result, i don’t really have a horrible skin but i do have time to time some spots on my face, so i’ll keep you updated on how it is working on me 😉

skin care morning

this what i use the morning i start washing my face with effaclar purifying foaming gel for oily and sensitive skin and i use effaclar k renovating care for oily skin anti-relapse and then add sun cream.

skin care night

when it come to the night i still use the same make-up remover that i shouwed you here the uriage eau démaquillante and then wash my face again with effaclar purifying foaming gel for oily and sensitive skin and finally i use effaclar duo corrective and unclogging anti-imperfection care.

and that’s pretty it,as i told you before i’ll try and keep you updated with how all this is working, and feel free to tell me if you have tried any of these product? of what is your skin care routine at the moment?

see you in my next post much love xxx


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2 Responses to skin care post.

  1. Athénaïs says:

    les produits Laroche posay sont géniaux! j’ai aussi le effaclarduo et l’utilise tous les jours, j’adore 🙂

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