Match Made In Heaven.

heey guys hope you all are having some amazing summer holidays; i’m still stuck at home bouuh. but i’m looking forward for the month of july, finally travelling and i’ll take you with me! today’s post is inside pictures because at the  moment i don’t have anyone that could take pictures of me, so sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry but take pictures of you while you need to focus the image is a bit tricky. the skirt i’m wearing is some kind of diy, it comes from an old dress that i no longer wear and decided to give it a second life, i like it as a skirt waaay more, and i’m wearing my new heels that i got today from new look gotta love them. see you in my next post xxx
the dress that i cut and get the skirt from.

top ; h&m — skirt ; diy — heels ; new look — belt ; primark.


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2 Responses to Match Made In Heaven.

  1. Athénaïs says:

    love your heeeeels!
    i also love your outfit, really pretty 🙂

  2. ElodieNguyen says:

    J’adore ton haut & tes chaussures ♥

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