July favourites.

heyy guys i know today it’s a pretty late post and not an ootd post, i haven’t done anything particulary fun today so to stick with my challenge sharing with you my july favourites seems the best idea. i am pretty sure that you are tired of hearing of the real technique brushes everyone is raving about them, and you know what they totally worth it! ok i’m being honest, since i’ve bought this topshop neon rose blush, i haven’t use any other blush like literally!let’s make it pretty simple, i adooooore this colors, perfect for an everyday one!

i’ve always hated lipgloss because they were always too stick for me, but this Rimmel one is just awesome, and not stick at all. and this lipstick from miss sporty i just love it the perfect summer shade, and i love his name too, a bit girl but yeah “In Love”. i’ve never ever thought eyelash curler would really do something oh man how wrong was i, they really do something and with my Lancôme mascara it seems like the best combination.

so yeah that’s for my july favourites, feel free to share with me your favourites, oh yeah  and all the product i’ve mentioned i’ve used them for my get ready with me video that you can watch here.


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