hello people, i’m back x

this is what personally i would call a total fail to my everyday posting challenge, but with moving it really ain’t easy, the only access to internet i had was throught my phone. but anway i’m back and i’m going to try to posty regulary again, i’m making a lookbook video that you all could see soon, but today it cleanning brush day i hate doing it, but i have to, no one would like dirty brushes huh, i’m sharing with you my way to clean my brushes, all you’ll need is baby shampoo, tissue and of course water & your brushes.
you first wanna put some water on your brushes to wet them and then add a little bit of shampoo and rub them against your hand till they seems clean to you, and then put them on the tissue and let them dry. make sure you se baby shampoo so they won’t damage your hair, with all chemical product, oh and if you would preffer watching then there is this video you can watch that use the same technique that i do. i guess that’s it i’ll leave you with the pictures and see you all hopefully very soon xx what you will need! pour some shampoo on the brush then add some water and rub it against your hand and then let it dry on the tissue

ps : you can see the video i did with sofia, finally have been uploaded here xx


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3 Responses to hello people, i’m back x

  1. Lili says:


    So, I’ve been following your blog it has been 4/5 days now. I like your style, and the way you express yourself but there is still something missing.
    First, and most important, the language and the vocabulary that you use. Owning a blog is for fun, sure, but if you want it to get successful, then you have to care at least a little about the spelling of the words. You should just put a little more time in writing your posts. All these little things (ex. the ‘i’ that should be written as ‘I’) are important for a reader. It’s’just TOO obvious that you’re writing the posts in 5/10 minutes. People won’t care, if you update your blog daily if it has to be fast and confused.

    Second, you should post about things that aren’t so general, like this post above. Everyone knows how to wash their brushes, it is just too common!

    Third and last thing, instead of postin these short entries, like “nail polish of the day”, why don’t you gather all the nail polishes of the week/month that you have worn and put them all in one only entry? People will definetly comment more by telling you which one is their favorite and asking you to make tutorials, no?

    Hope this helped, kisses & hugs.

    • runawaybabe says:

      Hey Lili, i should probably start by saying thank you for leaving such a constructive comment, you put the point on various aspects of my blog, that personally I hadn’t considered as a blogger and you’re right, I’ll try to work on these points to improve my blog for the better, because at one point we all improve from criticism.
      Sara xxx

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