hold on to this lullaby.

hello i’m back, it’s been quite a while since last time i posted an outfit post but here we are, you may have or haven’t notice that the background did change it’s because we are done moving yay, i’ve been rambling about for ages, but it’s now done, i’ll probably do a room tour in the future once everything is perfect -still a big mess in my room ahaha- as it’s still hot here, not feeling the autumn vibes yet i still can get away with wearing a dress without tight and not freeze woo, and i’m wearing new wedges, git this one because i was wearing my chelsea boots soo much that i didn’t want to ruin them, because i have a tendecy to ruin my shoes pretty easily this one are a good alternative and waay much cheaper, okay feels like i’ve talked way too much this time, see you in my next post. looove xx

dress & wedges – primark / jacket – zara / earings – topshop


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2 Responses to hold on to this lullaby.

  1. agathe says:

    c’est EARRINGS !!! ton blog comporte également pas mal de fautes en anglais…. quand on ne sait pas écrire anglais, on fait son blog en français 😉 donc ne te donne pas le genre “meuf-qui-parle-trop-bien-l’anglais-et-qui-écrit-tout-en-anglais-sur-son-blog” :))

    • runawaybabe says:

      juste pour info, je suis pas française, hein et l’anglais et le français sont mes deux seconde langues, et que je l’écrive en français ou en anglais il y’aura toujours des fautes d’orthographe, désolée si sa te dérange, alors informe toi avant de parler (:

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