Beauty haul.

  I needed some shampoo, conditioner and serum so badly I did run out of all the previous I used, and I was like which one should I choose, so I decide to go back to old favourites, I used to love this one! And a styling mousse for more volume and define the curl Trying essence skin care after trying their makeup, and a new makeup remover. Liquid liner, after running out of all my favourites I thought it was time to get a new one, and stop using the crappy one :3 This last one is the most random one, but you know that this is an essential, some cotton bud, and nail polish -varnish- remover. And that’s it for my recent beauty purchase, tell me if you tried any of these before, and what are your thought, see you in my next post looove xx


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3 Responses to Beauty haul.

  1. ElodieN says:

    Ces achats tout rose hihi

  2. ElodieN says:

    À quand un nouvel article ma jolie? ❤

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