inspiration outfits.

Here’s a few outfit ideas for this current season, featuring some of my favourite pieces of this autumn/winter wardrobe. Including some statement pieces like the lbd -little black dress- that everyone has in their clothes collection, or the perfecto which is to me is pretty essential to any women. I’ve added also some of my favorite pieces of this season, like the contrast jacket, and those platform shoes that I totally fell in love with. But remember you don’t need to go out and buy every season a new wardrobe, because you can always rock what you got! (:

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10 Responses to inspiration outfits.

  1. Zimbie says:

    j’adore la jupe en cuir avec les clous 😉

  2. Nice blog. 🙂 would you like to follow each other with bloglovin? Just leave a comment on my blog

  3. I love the studded sweatshirt!

  4. pluginweb says:

    J’adore ces sélections! Surtout les deux premières tenues 🙂 (un jour j’aurais des DocMartens, un jour…). Nice blog by the way !

  5. marie says:

    I love this selection !! 🙂

  6. Marie says:

    j’aime beaucoup le pull du look avec les doc martens? c’est un quoi?

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