hair post.

Please keep in mind that before you read or say anything, remember that I’m not an expert when it comes to hair, mine is already pretty damaged but I’m working on making it better and better everyday. Let me tell you a bit about my hair before getting into my routine, I had in the past year or so two keratin smoothing treatment that left my hair for the following three moth damn amazing, -the picture above on the left side is right after it- but it’s not without any consequence it did turn it and damaged badly! And that’s why I am now taking more and more care of my hair. Starting with the product I use while washing my hair, I actually use two shampoos, the head and shoulders so it would get rid of any dirt in my hair, the Dessange is for treating my hair, because it’s more softer. I then use a leave in conditioner, I apply the most at the end of my hair trying to avoid the roots so it won’t get them greasy quickly. After the shower I try to leave my hair dry naturally as much as possible I use the Dessange serum and then put my hair in a top bun and leave it dry, preferably overnight, if not and if I’m in a rush I put on my tresemmé heat protection -I’m not that keen on this product I know a lot of people love it, but personally I just hate the smell of it- And then use my hair blow drier ans straightener, I use Le petit Marseillais zest d’éclat to give my hair a bit of shine if it’s a second day hair. I try to not use heat on my hair every single day, but my hair is naturally curly and really hard to style, so if I know I’m not going out, I would leave my hair naturally and just put a bit of serum in it. So that’s what I do to my hair at the moment, what are your favourite hair product of the moment feel free to share them with me.

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