xmas challenge.

So at the moment fashionvouchers.com are holding an amazing competition and that to celebrate the festive season, and this is my very own participation. The challenge is simple create an entire outfit for 100£ or under. And this is what I’ve came up with. I’ve chosen as a store Urban Outfitter for a lot of different reasons, such as because I absolutely love their clothes and they host different brand in their store and that mean a lot of different styles in one store, amazing! And also because they are usually a lot of discounts that you can easily find, like at the moment with 20% off, you can find the code at fashionvouchers.com. My outfit is really me, this is totally what I would wear, simple but that’s what I actually like, the high-low dress is absolutely amazing, and those shoes are perfect, especially if you are partying because they won’t hurt, I’ve also chosen that make up the palette because those colors are so festive and finally to dress up the outfit that absolutely gorgeous necklace.Oh and if you want to participate to this challenge easy head to this page read the rules and do it (:
host by www.fashionvouchers.com

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3 Responses to xmas challenge.

  1. Hannah Burke says:

    Love the spike necklace! x

  2. La Sakeuse says:

    I would like the pink shoes !!

  3. Pour une tenue ; Je penses jeudi ou vendredi soir , peut être que je posterais quelque chose toute a l’heures 🙂 je ne sais pas encore . M.M xx

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