shoooooopping time!


First I should start by wishing you all a happy new year, I know I’m late but these last days have been pretty ecstatic, that’s why I haven’t posted here on the blog I had my midterm exams, and I really had no time to post here, my apologies for that, but now that they are over -finally- back to the track and I’ll try to post more regularly than what I did.So recently I went sale shopping, haven’t really bought that much, and I only went to Zara for the sale, but that’s probably because I had no time, but I’m pretty sure I will go out again, and really sale shop this time, in fact I think this is more kind collective haul of what I’ve been in the past weeks or so. First I did re-purchase my actual skin care that I’ve shown in an older post  as well as my favourite makeup remover ever!  then I placed an order at Avon and Oriflame I have to say I’m not really convinced of their product I’ll show them to you in more detail in an other post, then those are the things I bought from Zara, the shirt id absolutely amazing! I really need to show it to you in an outfit post as soon as possible, I feel in love with that jumper too, I also got some black skinny jean because mine starts falling apart, and a perform because I’m starting a Zara perfume collection,-don’t ask :3- and finally those two last items are both gift from my parent that I have been craving for, for ages! And I guess that’s it for the moment, until next time I go shopping! I shall see you all very soon in my next post xx3245678

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  1. Athénaïs says:

    ouhhhh la montre! *.*

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