new favourites.

0okay let’s face it, I’m so shit when it comes to regularity, like now, but hey let me tell you recently my life have been pretty much ecstatic! but I think I’m gonna be back on track very very soon, or at least I’ll try. I’m back today with my January favourites, I know I don’t do favourites that often it’s mainly because the product I use don’t change that often, but if you follow me on twitter you’ll know I’ve been to Paris and I did some shopping getting new product and I’m sharing with you today my new love for them huh
32 so I can declare a new found love for lipstick I use to never wear them, but these two did change my opinion! I use the Avon – puppy love for those daring days where I feel like wearing bright red on my face and the Rimmel – 101 for the more natural day and honestly I absolutely love the both of them in either color and formula! 4this is my new go to nail polish, just the perfect shade for this season! may I say that I love the name too, opi get’s me every time when it comes to the name they choose!
5as you may or may not know it I’m really not a big fan of foundation I don’t wear it on a day to day base , but when I do I like to wear this one mainly because it’s an invisible cover foundation and I don’t feel like I’m wearing something heavy on my skin.
6this is my last radom favourite I’ve chosen, because since I got it I’ve been wearing it every single day, I’ve been craving for it for so long that I’m not missing any occasion to get the wear out of it! And that’s it for my new favourite of the moment I shall see you very soon , finger crossed xx

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