so this is my ..


oh look who’s here me! woo seems like I can keep my promise and trying to re-start regularly, but hey with all those college/Uni application I’m lost, and I do have priorities. But anyway that’s not what it is about today, today’s post is kind of a room tour, more like thing you can find in my room. oh and I wanted to tell you that the blog is soon to be one year wooo stay tuned for more posts very soon! oh and if you have any request leave it bellow xx0

About runawaybabe

keep the positive attitude. fashion & beauty blogger!
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3 Responses to so this is my ..

  1. so pretty post )
    like the pics!!

    Angela Donava

  2. ElodieNguyen says:

    Ahah je vois que je n’ai pas été la seule à ré-utiliser mon verre Starbuck! :3

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