get away!

So basically, a few days ago mum and I decided to go on a cheeky trip to -Spain-, uh that’s been such a last minute decision, and I have to say that I am glad we did! That was such a fun short little trip 3 days round, the best way to relax a little bit after all my revising this past week or so. So yeah I guess that’s it here’s some picture taken during the road trip, not that great thanks to the oh bad weather but hey ho, you work with what you have… Anyway on another subject, you have obviously noticed the change on the blog design, I’ve thought that it was time to change after a year, tell me what do you think about it, oh and expect a post very very soon with a “huge” haul, I tend to go a bit crazy on holidays when it comes to buying uh, see you very soon xx 54321


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One Response to get away!

  1. Athénaïs says:

    ça fait du bien des posts photo de temps en temps! très agréable à regarder, bisous 🙂

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