here we go!

023hey guys, so you may know if you read my posts on the blog that for the past year I have been planning to move to London in order to start university, and guess what it is happening, thank god! so I was like hey let’s make it official on the blog they’ve read about my struggle and how time consuming it was to apply to different unis, and how I was so looking forward to it, because let’s face it I couldn’t take one more year in my home town or with my parents, I so need the freedom that comes with leaving home, as well as turn into a poor student ahaha, but oh well everything comes with it’s perks, so yeah I guess that’s pretty much what this post is about, I will be moving this Saturday, I will need to purchase a new laptop as there is no way I would be able to take mine on a plane, but I’ll write here as soon as possible, or maybe I’ll post here before leaving will see.

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