shopping time!

0what does a shopaholic when living in london? well easy buy clothes instead of saving money for food, that’s the story of my life at the moment. the amount of clothes I have bought since living here is just crazy, I really need to calm down and cut myself of from shopping, but that’s pretty impossible to achieve. anyway here’s a selection -i say selection because taking a picture of everything i have bought is just impossible- of my recent  and favorite purchases. blame it on the online shopping, the free shipping, the sales and everything else, I really I am an addicted. 1tank tops – hollister and camden market.  2burgundy jumper – Boohoo 3sweatshirt – camden Market.1 high neck black dress – boohoo.2denim oversiezed shirt – bohoo ; high heels – topshop.  3leather studded jacket – motel rocks.

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