shoe unboxing 2.

0if you follow my blog for a long time now you would have seen that already did this kind of post before, I usually would save it for the nicest shoes and this one is really is. I feel like saying hallelujah, I finally bought my self a pair of jeffrey campbell lita, I have been wanting to buy one pair for forever, I first though I would get the foxy model but hell it is freezing cold here in england and buying sandal type of heels I wouldn’t be able to wear them that often and knowing how these shoes cost that would be a total waste. anyhow i got my pair online from office and I absolutely love it! 4 5 6 7plot twist I ordered myself another pair of lita >>

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5 Responses to shoe unboxing 2.

  1. thinklikealion says:

    Je voudrais t’informer du déménagement de mon blog “amoroccantouch” , dorénavant mon blog est “” et j’aimerai beaucoup, si ça te dérange pas, que tu partage cette info pour que tout le monde puisse voir mon tout nouveau blog!
    N’hésites pas non plus a t’abonner a mon blog et à y laisser un petit commentaire pour me dire ce que tu penses de ce gros changement 🙂
    Merci beaucoup, désolée du dérangement et gros bisous!!

  2. MaevaCyrus. says:

    Omg j’en veux tellement. Elles sont parfaites ***
    N’hésite pas à visiter mon blog 🙂

  3. naelleoip says:

    haha j’adore comment les photos ont été prise!

  4. nikita says:

    oooooooohhhh… these are amazing!!!! I want them!

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