make up.

0hola chicas, today’s post is all about make up! this is definitely not my everyday make up routine I can never be bothered in the morning to do anything beside mascara and eyeliner, morning lecture are just hell trust me! so this is what I would do if I were to really do my make up, plus all of the product I used are my favorites, let’s get started!
1first thing first, I start by moisturizing my skin, as well as applying a lip balm to my lips. I will then apply my foundation with a brush and blend it to my skin, then it’s concealer time I would put it under my dark circle and any area where I would have a problem. and final step to the skin base is  powder  you don’t wanna shine like a crazy diamond through the day right!2neeext is bronzer try to give some color back the face because it’s winter time and I haven’t seen the sun in for forever. so yeah bronzer in a 3 shape motion (if you get what I mean). I would then apply my favorite blusher, putting some colors to the cheekbones and finally highlight everything! 3moving on to the eyes, what I like to do is first apply a skin tone base eye primer then use a shimmery white on my eye lid and put a matte brown through my crease and this is basically it for my eyeshadow part. the next part would be the ever so famous winged eyeliner, then I put on some mascara like 3 coat only on the top lashes after curling then with my eye lash curler. aaand that’s it for the eyes and would sometimes go back with concealer if needed. 4last and finals steps would be filling my eyebrows for some reason I do this last right be fore applying my bright mate red lipstick and the I am official dooone! 6So tell me what do you think of it, what is you type of everyday make up ? also tell me if you guys want to see any post, I will soon writte about my experience till now in University in England so stay tuned for that, until next time xxx

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  1. Coucou ma belle , c’est juste pour te dire que je viens d’écrire un nouvel article n’hésite pas à aller voir 😉 bisous ♥

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