smoothies craving.

0Heey guys what’s upp, so the other day I was chilling in my room on tumblr, of course because it’s all I seem to do, and then i see a smoothie picture and I craved one so badly, but the perks of the student life and living alone, I don’t have a blender so what do I do of  course I order one on amazon obviously. And since it arrived all I seem to do is blend smoothie and juices, but I am not complaining, for once that I am craving something healthy. So here’s my favorite smoothie, all I used to make it was greek yogurt, plus frozen strawberries that I got from whole food and finally brown sugar and trust me on this one it taste heavenly.  1 2 3  5 6until next post, muuuch looooooove. Sara xxx

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3 Responses to smoothies craving.

  1. bemarionnette says:

    Mhm ça à l’air bon ! 🙂
    Bisous ❤

  2. aucreuxdeteslevres says:

    J’adore tes photos ! et ton smoothie donne trop envie. 🙂

  3. Marine says:

    It looks so yummy 🙂

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