000This is what I call procrastination at it’s finest, instead of working on my monday presentation or even my super long due essay I am doing nothing but being lazy, but hey good thing about it is I am posting on the blog, if I fail my academic life then I would still have my blog ahaha. Anyway this post is my wishlist at the moment, or if you want some items that I have been eying for years but are to expensive for me, like the Chanel bag, that is one of my must have designer bag, but hey I don’t have the money for it, nor am I a good saver, in fact I am really broke at the moment, too much concert and too much enthusiasms for sportswear shopping lead to my bank state right now, I wish I was only joking but no. mooving from my depressing financial state, above are all the item I wish I could own and that are on my top list to buy if let’s say I won a million pound by tomorrow, why not! Oh and yeah I have been spontaneous and reckless also, I am going to Ed Sheeran concert on monday -more on that and how it happens later, it is a story worth writing about or at least I like to beleive that- and yeah Drake and The Weeknd on wednesday busy busy week, oh and my spring break starts on the 28 so I am flying home next week, yaaay! anyway I think it is time for me to stop rambling, see you in my next post. loooove xx

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keep the positive attitude. fashion & beauty blogger!
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