new babyy!


1234 Okay so this purchase was a big splurge for me, knowing that these cameras are not cheap, and their film is really expensive. With that said I am really happy that I purchased it! I always take pictures, on my iphone or my camera but I never get them developed they are always digital mode and I often forget about them but with a ‘polaroid’ camera you get your picture instantly no edit no nothing and that is pretty amazing! This purchase was made in order to be able to keep the memories, and with the summer coming I am really excited about it! The picture on the post was the first I have ever taken it was right after the delivery man handed me my parcel, I was like I need to try this, put on some lipstick and selfie, and honestly I was really excited when the picture came out, Yaaay!! I bought mine on amazon, I scrolled through all the website from Urban Outfitters to John Lewis, Amazon was of course the least expensive place to get with quick delivery. Do you have these kind of camera? What do you think about them?

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6 Responses to new babyy!

  1. Really desperate for this camera! You’ve made me want it even more now haha x

  2. Je le veux trop lui!!! Tu me diras s’il est vraiment bien 🙂
    bisous x

  3. naomianj15 says:

    I love my instax mini! though i kind of get paranoid of using one sometimes because the films are really expensive! so i try to be practical with what i take photos of.

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