kylie jenner style.

01If there one person style’s under the spotlight at the moment, it would definitely be Kylie Jenner. And I am joining the mainstream too, recently i have been inspired by her way to much, I am even thinking going blue with my hair ahah! Anyway if there is one reason why her style is so popular is probably how easy it is to recreate mixing laid back clothes and more sophisticated pieces, black, leather, flannel and combat boots are the basic needed in order to recreate her look. Here are some of my favorite candid outfit of her. Tell me through the comment what do you think of Kylie’s outfits? Do you like it or no?

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One Response to kylie jenner style.

  1. Mathilde.M says:

    Merci!! J’ai un peu un rapport amour/haine avec le style de kylie, j’aime beaucoup quand elle porte quelque chose de casual chic comme sur les photos 1 & 4 du haut, je trouve que ce genre de tenue lui vont bien. Mais parfois j’ai vraiment du mal quand ses outfit sont trop grunge comme (sur la photos 2 du bas). xx

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