steve madden shoe haul/unboxing.

0 1 2 3 4It is official, I am a shopaholic when it comes to shoes (or anything else for that matter) I can not stop myself from buying all the time, and god forbid I do buy all the time so much that I still have shoes I have never worn! I am an impulsive buyer that cannot ever stop, and this haul again is a perfect example of it! If you ever talk to mom she will tell you I own waaay too many heels for this and the next lifetime but I can’t stop buying even more. I have always love the Zara kinda thing heel with the strap but those are such a pain when it comes to walking so when I saw these beige tone heels I was like these are coming home with me, even though I have a kinda similar pair from topshop oh well. The other sandals are more of a necessity because I forgot my summer sandals back in Londom. Anyway, My name is Sara and I am a compulsive buyer that cannot be stop, unless broke.

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2 Responses to steve madden shoe haul/unboxing.

  1. Mon dieu j’adore les talons !!!! Ils sont magnifiques je suis fan
    Bisous x

  2. thinklikealion says:

    tellement waaawwww

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